With(out) Law Conversation: Gender Violence: Does the Law Fail?
The Centre for Law and Society in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape hosts a seminar series that aims to trouble normative conceptions of law in society, drawing on the thinking and experience of legal practitioners, scholars, activists...
1st Law and Society in Africa Conference
CLS, in partnership with the Law and Society Association (and with financial support from the Ford Foundation/IIE and the Constitutionalism Fund), hosted the first Law and Society in Africa Conference entitled ‘Dynamism, Liminality, Reality?
LSA in Africa 2016 - Day 1
Director of the Centre for Law and Society Kelley Moult welcomed conference delegates from across Africa and beyond to the 1st Law in Society in Africa Conference.
LSA in Africa 2016 - Day 1
Dean of the UCT Law Faculty, Penny Andrews, also welcomed delegates on behalf of the Law Faculty.
LSA in Africa 2016 - Day 1
The opening panel of the conference titled: "What is the Law and Society ‘moment’ in South Africa going into 2017, as we respond to the real challenges of law and society in our country?" was facilitated by Rashida Manjoo of UCT.
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The Centre for Law and Society (CLS) is an innovative multi-disciplinary centre in the Faculty of Law where scholars, students and activists engage critically with, and work together on, the challenges facing contemporary South Africa at the intersection of law and society.

Through engaged research, critical teaching and robust exchange, CLS aims to shape a new generation of scholars, practitioners and activists, and to build the field of relevant legal theory, scholarship and practice, that is responsive to our context in South Africa and Africa.

The Centre provides an interactive space to collaborate on solutions to pressing social injustices, and incubates people, ideas and projects to promote justice.