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Externs and Interns

Stanford Externship Programme

From 2009 to June 2011 CLS (then called the Law, Race and Gender Research Unit) had a relationship with Stanford University whereby a small number of externs were selected each quarter from law students participating in the International Human Rights and Development Clinic run by Stanford Law School. These externs would then work full time at CLS for three-month periods.

This relationship proved to be greatly beneficial to CLS since interns conducted research that was relevant to ongoing CLS projects.

Due to the success of the arrangement, CLS did not take on interns that were external to the Stanford Clinic for the duration of the programme. However, now that the externship programme has been terminated, general internship positions are once again available at CLS.

Internship Opportunities

CLS has limited opportunities for interns each year.

What would you do?

You would conduct research in an area that CLS is currently engaging with, and write up your findings. You may be required to attend meetings, seminars or workshops, and assist with other project-related activities. 

What qualifications should you have?

  • Ideally, a law degree (from any country), although social science and humanities graduates would also be considered

  • Good English language, comprehension and writing skills

  • A concern about the issues that are addressed in CLS's work

  • A commitment to contributing to social change and justice in South Africa.

How long should you stay?

To be an intern you need to be able to spend at least two months at CLS. This is important because it takes at least two months to understand the needs of any project and produce useful work for it.

What can CLS provide?

  • Access to facilities at the University of Cape Town

  • Office space and access to a computer and the internet

  • A great group of colleagues who are deeply committed to achieving social change in South Africa

How do you apply?

Send your CV to Jemima Thomas with a letter explaining:

  • Why you want to work at CLS

  • When you want to work at CLS

  • How long you want to stay with us

  • What you are interested in working on

  • And giving names of at least two contactable referees with postal and email addresses and telephone numbers.