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Graduate Associates

Omowamiwa Kolawole (Convenor)

Omowamiwa holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Lagos, as well as a Masters in Law from the University of Cape Town. He is in the process of obtaining a Master’s in Public Health and a PhD in Public Law, also from the University of Cape Town. His interests are in the intersections of law and public health. His work engages with the right to health and how its realisation influences global health intervention and policies, as well as interpersonal biomedical interactions.


Kearabetswe Mablane

Kea holds a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Criminology and Psychology from the University of the Free State. Upon completing that degree, she went on to obtain an Honours degree with a Specialisation in Criminology at the University of the Free State in 2019. She completed her Honours in 2019 and began a MPhil in Criminology at the University of Cape Town, which she is in the process of completing.




Tariro Patience Masose

Tariro holds a Bachelor of Laws degree as well as a Master of Laws in International Criminal Law from the University of the Western Cape. Her field of specialisation is in Human Rights with a particular interest in children’s rights and sexual violence that is perpetrated during war time. Her PhD research seeks to address how the principals and procedures applied in Alternative Justice Mechanisms might substantively change what actually happens in the International Criminal Court (ICC) with regards to victims of sexual violence.



Grace Moyo

Grace is a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Cape Town's Department of Public Law. Her research interest in the broad sense is in gender-based violence and access to justice, and her Ph.D. research is in Administrative Law - which she co-taught as a Teaching Assistant - and sexual offences. She served as a Director for National Model United Nations New York for 4 years, with whom she has published 9 research papers on global issues that include children's rights, sexual violence in conflict, international drug strategy and policy, and sustainable development. In addition to a wide variety of other posts with various institutions, she has also served as a Policies and Processes Fellow at the African Leadership University in Mauritius where she was instrumental in drafting the institution's Equality and Diversity policy, and a student-friendly policy dissemination strategy, as well as reviewing student disciplinary procedures. 


Chaeli Mycroft

Chaeli has been a student at UCT since 2013, receiving her undergraduate degree in Social Development and Politics and her Honours in Social Policy & Management. She moved into the Law Faculty where she completed her MPhil in Human Rights, looking at the impact of ableism on accessing the right to education for disabled children in South Africa. Chaeli is passionate about human rights, equality and inclusion. Her current research focus area is the relationship and interaction between the law and young adult activism in South Africa.




Philile Ntuli

Philile Ntuli’s work focuses on women’s relationship with the state. She is particularly interested in exploring how/whether South Africa’s project of democratisation can disrupt historical gendered hierarchies. Philile is currently working towards a PhD in Public Law at the University of Cape Town with a focus on the gendered nature of institutions. Her areas of research interest include African feminisms, gender justice, public law and policy, and land reform.