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Methods Café - Lunchtime Seminars

The CLS Methods Café hosts a lunchtime seminar during which a student or faculty member discusses a tricky methods/ethics problem. CLS sends out invitations advertising the methods seminar topic for the month. If you would like to be on our mailing list, or would like to present your own tricky methods question, please email Vitima Jere ( See here for more information.

 29 March 2018

 Guy Lamb and Ncedo Mngqibisa:  Things Fall Apart:  The hazards of highly   randomised survey research in tough environments




 18 September 2017

 Melissa Meyer:  I did a student survey and all I got was this lousy information!





 16 August 2017

 Susan Sterett:  Big Data Analytics





 14 June 2017

 Grainne Perkins:  Surfing the Ethics Edge





 22 May 2017

 Jane Diala:  Lessons from the field







 3 April 2017

Ruth Nekura: My experience of empirical research: Never do it?