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Methods Café & Ethics Tutorials


Methods Café and Research Ethics Application Review Information

Methods Café

Methods Café provides a drop-in methods advising and assistance session for students and faculty. Methods Café is an open and casual space that demystifies research methods and ethics, and fosters collegial interaction between staff and students focused on methods problems.

Ideas don’t have to be polished or perfect to come to Methods Café. We offer coffee, muffins, and a chance to talk through ideas with Centre staff who love methods.

Methods café was very illuminating! It answered some niggling questions I had about data saturation, sample size, and snowballing. I definitely recommend it! 

~Anthony, Methods Café visitor 2016

Methods Café Information for 2020 forthcoming.


Methods Café Lunchtime Seminars

Each Methods Café hosts a lunchtime seminar during which a student or faculty member will discuss a tricky methods/ethics problem. CLS sends out invitations advertising the methods seminar topic for the month. If you would like to be on our mailing list, or would like to present your own tricky methods question, please email:  


Ethics Application Tutorials

Each month, CLS hosts a tutorial called Tips for a Good Ethics Application. This tutorial provides some helpful information for students and faculty members who are completing their ethics applications through the application portal. This tutorial is not aimed at individualised feedback on ethics applications but gives information about common mistakes and issues with applications like the informed consent process and confidentiality and anonymity.

Ethics tutorial dates for 2020 Forthcoming. 


For more information, please contact Lamize Viljoen