Launch of PhD ProSeminar Series

26 Apr 2016 - 20:30
PhD Seminar


On the 7th of April 2016, Professor Dee Smythe and Dr. Kelley Moult convened the first meeting of their PhD ProSeminar Series aimed at providing a space for PhD students, under their supervision, to engage critically around issues related to their research. During these 2-hour seminars, Dee, Kelley and the other participants will discuss key research-related topics like finding and finalising a research question, deciding on the appropriate research methodology and structuring the research proposal and thesis. Topics such as ‘What is a PhD?’, ‘Publishing during your PhD’ and ‘Going to conferences’ will also be addressed. The doctoral candidates will each have the opportunity to present their research, and faculty members will be invited to share their experiences in academia.

At the introductory seminar, many participants spoke of their appreciation for having a space to share the challenges they have experienced during the PhD process. They welcomed the support and guidance not only from their supervisors, Professor Smythe and Dr. Moult, but also from their peers in the group, on what can often be a lonely journey.

At the second session on the 14th of April, participants engaged in interactive exercises involving the formulation and re-formulation of their research questions. Feedback from peers and the convenors challenged the PhD students to think more critically and succinctly about their research questions, and to consider what contribution their research focus brings to the field of study.

This PhD ProSeminar Series, is an initiative introduced under the Centre for Law and Society’s Teaching and Hub workstreams, and will run weekly through 2016 and 2017.