New Director for CLS

26 Apr 2016 - 20:00
Dr. Kelley Moult


Dr Kelley Moult took over as Director of the Centre for Law and Society at the beginning of 2016.  Under her leadership, the Centre has articulated an exciting new vision that aims to rethink its contribution to the transformation agenda – a critical challenge in the post-2015 university environment. The Centre aims, through its work, to shape a new generation of scholars, practitioners and activists, and build the field of legal theory, scholarship and practice that is responsive to our social context in South Africa and Africa. CLS's ultimate goal is to significantly contribute to a transformed field of law in practice by 2030.

CLS’s re-orientated workplan puts this expanded view of transformation into practice. The Centre now has three primary, interconnected work streams: Engaged Research, Critical Teaching and the CLS Hub. A cross-cutting theme for these streams is critical engagement, across disciplines, with the aim of exploring solutions to pressing socio-legal issues, building and sharing knowledge, showcasing diverse viewpoints, and incubating people, ideas and projects to promote justice. 

Kelley joined CLS in 2015 as a Senior Researcher, having worked previously at UCT's Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit (where she was a founding member and Acting Director), at the National Institute of Justice (the research and evaluation arm of the United States Department of Justice), at George Washington University and American University, (both in Washington, DC). She has a PhD in Justice, Law and Society from American University. Her recent research projects include regionally-focused projects on child marriage, sexual health and reproductive rights in Southern Africa, gender-based violence policy implementation,  as well as the intersection of Western and traditional justice systems in terms of violence against women.