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The DGRU is an applied research unit within the Public Law Department at UCT. The DGRU's work is primarily  concerned with the relationship between rights and governance. Its work focuses on the intersection between public administration, with the challenge of public accountability, on the one hand, and the realisation of constitutionally-enshrined human rights on the other. 

CLS and the DGRU’s current collaborations focus on work on judges, judicial training and transformation, and legal education.





The Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI) facilitates debate, research and interventions across the university with a focus on understanding and responding to violence, and promoting safety. The initiative brings together scholars from a number of departments, centres and units across UCT. SaVI is one of four multi-disciplinary strategic ventures at UCT, and covers one of the national priorities – crime and violence.

CLS and SaVI are collaborating on the issues of campus safety generally, and the response to sexual violence in particular.