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The Hub, introduced in 2016, aims to provide a supportive space for “explosive” debates around critical socio-legal issues and a space where students, scholars and activists can creatively engage in critical thinking and writing. We envisage that the CLS Hub will provide an academic locus where staff and students (particularly graduate students) from across UCT, as well as from other campuses in the Western Cape can regularly connect with visiting scholars from Africa and elsewhere to present research papers, exchange ideas, and explore new concepts, perspectives and research agendas. Accordingly, we strive to provide a vibrant and supportive hub for:


  • Convening dialogues, conversations and confrontations around law and/in society;

  • Bringing together students, scholars and other social actors for critical encounters, mutual learning and collective exploration of contemporary problems and their possible solutions;

  • Showcasing a diversity of voices, perspectives and disciplines that shape law in practice;

  • Building the field of legal theory and practice;

  • Catalysing innovative partnerships; and

  • Connecting people, ideas and projects in Africa that are locally and globally relevant.