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PhD ProSeminar Series


Convened by Dee Smythe and Kelley Moult, the PhD ProSeminar is a weekly convening of the Centre’s graduate students. The ProSeminar Series aims to provide a space for these students to critically engage around key issues related to their research,  such as: finalising a research question; deciding on the appropriate research methodology and structuring the research proposal and thesis writing.

The seminar series is built on shared participation by students and the facilitators, and is a space that inspires, nurtures and supports participants in the dissertation process. The seminar series aims to push our students to explain more clearly, to justify more fully and to write more eloquently, and aims to develop and practice research skills that will help students to "get the dissertation done” and grow as scholars. 

More information on the cohort of graduate students who are being supervised by CLS staff, and brief information on their projects can be found here.