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Forensics and the Law (PBL5847S)


This course gives students an understanding of the application of forensic sciences to the law. The course covers the crime scene investigation process, and provides an overview of the various kinds of forensic evidence that may be collected and presented in court. Students will learn about the identification, documentation and collection of physical evidence, including fingerprints, shoe impressions, hair and fibres, firearms evidence and questioned documents. The course then considers biological evidence, including blood spatter and other fluids, forensic anthropology and odontology. Finally, the course engages fire investigation and forensic accounting.

This course is designed to provide a foundation in the field of criminalistics to students who are interested in the use of science to solve crime, and considers the impact of television and other media on the field of Forensic Science and the courtroom.

The course is convened by Dr Kelley Moult.