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Law in Action - Research Methods (PBL5849F)


This course recognises that practitioners, legal scholars and social scientists are increasingly compelled to consider the implications of law in action – what impact law and regulation have on people’s lived experiences and the meanings people attach to their actions. This course aims to address this need, through preparing students both to properly understand empirical research and methods, and to engage in empirical research projects of their own. 

The course is built on the view that empirical research is a craft that requires practice to implement effectively. Classes are therefore hands-on, designed to be highly interactive, and will provide students with the opportunity to learn qualitative techniques by ‘doing’ in class meetings and in assignments. Although the course is primarily focused on qualitative research, a component of the course will equip students with the skills to be able to read and understand quantitative data.

CLS staff members Kelley Moult and Dee Smythe teach components of this course alongside colleagues from the Department of Public Law, the Centre for Criminology and other Faculty staff.