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PhD ProSeminar Series

PhD Seminar 2019

What is the seminar about?

Recognizing that the PhD journey can be a very isolated and challenging endeavour, this seminar serves as a space in which students receive support (practical, academic and other) as they progress through each stage of the writing and researching process. The course is structured to be of use to both students in the earlier stages of their academic undertaking, as well as those in third year and beyond. Drawing upon the wealth of knowledge and experience in the law faculty and university at large, each week the seminar convenes experts who are able to share constructive information with the students. The weekly classes also form a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment in which the students are able to learn from each other, exchange ideas, and receive feedback on works-in-progress where needed.


What is in it for new PhD students?

To provide much needed guidance on both the academics and practical tools required for navigating the doctoral journey. Having the tools required to constantly deliver on the outputs required for the PhD is especially important and will help to avoid many mistakes often made in the early stages of the doctoral process. Interacting with other colleagues who have either just completed the journey or are well on their way to completing it may also help in demystifying many of the challenges faced in the doctoral process, while providing much needed mental support from the seminar group.


How do advanced students benefit from participating?

For doctoral students, the process of learning to step into the role of an academic is ongoing, which highlights the need for continuous instruction, and engagement with peers. The course serves as an anchor for the more advanced students as they move towards the PhD completion date. It presents practical sessions in terms of reviewing and feedback, as well as more theoretical and guidance-based sessions that impart knowledge about successful academic writing, and moving from the PhD to post-PhD life. The goal of the course is that students gain greater clarity and confidence in the latter stages of their doctoral work, draw energy from the camaraderie of the environment, and receive targeted guidance to foster successful and timely completion of their dissertations.